It’s all about the little moments…

Whilst considering what to write about for my next blog post, I felt I would share some ‘little moments’ from the past few months which were either funny or special to me.

Rachel and me on New Years Eve – isn’t she beautiful.

Almost every week day I have been working with one of the children from the Children’s Home doing school and fun activities for about 3 hours every afternoon. She is actually a woman of 23, however it is almost certain she has some form of disability or delay so is very behind in both social skills, learning, and especially talking. – My special moment with her, let’s call her Rachel, was when she said my name for the first time as she won’t even say her own name.

Successfully jumping off the 20+ft high jump into the pool at my accommodation (the YMC) without belly flopping.

After the community kids struggled to pronounce my name, I became ‘Mimi’ and whenever they see me they shout my name at the gate.

I body tackled the fat, YMC English Bulldog, called Tyson, to save the kitten he was about to eat.

Climbing up and jumping off a waterfall into the purest looking water I have ever seen, then drying off in the suns rays while drinking a coke.

Well there’s 3 of the Toddlers

All 8 toddlers at the Children’s Home running at me to give hugs and cuddles, hanging off whichever part of my body they could reach.

Not having health and safety, so for the first time setting off fireworks myself.

Killing a massive cockroach that was terrorising our toilet(after gassing it didn’t work).

Lice picking the younger girls at the children’s home and them demanding to kill each bug that I found.

Being called ‘The Queen’ by the man in charge.

Children on the outreach feedings asking where I was to other volunteers if I didn’t go for a week.

Singing and playing the guitar to do private worship with the older girls from the children’s home.

Tackling my room-mate Candace to the floor just because it seemed like a good idea at the time, and crying with laughter by the end.

Getting involved in Maths tutoring at lunch time for the kids who are slightly behind.

Having a 2 hour prayer time with God, in a glass room overlooking the skyline of Manila at night.

IMG_1658Watching the sunset over Manila from the same spot.

Rachel initiating hugs with me or holding my hand because she trusts me enough.

Being asked by one of the older children’s home girls to sit and discuss her troubles with her.

Proof for those who didn’t believe

Driving in the Philippines, in an automatic, on the side of the road I’m not used to, where rules of the road don’t apply…so far so good.

Finding a full tube of Pringles for less than £2 (that’s right be jealous).

Being asked to do story time before bed with the toddlers.

Having midnight swims in the pool with Betsie(another glorious room-mate).

Playing ninja and leap frog with the children’s home girls.

Being asked if one of the babies I was carrying was mine and if I was married to a Filipino man.

Dancing around the kitchen with girls from the children’s home and being branded crazy.

Attempting to learn how to hip hop dance with the children’s home girls.

Speaking to my family on Skype for over an hour on Boxing Day.

Being told I’m beautiful by one of the ladies who works at the children’s home, every time I see her.

Receiving the title ‘yummy scrummy in my tummy Tita* Naomi’ from one of the boys at the children’s home, no it doesn’t rhyme but he insists it does.

Putting the younger children to bed and praying with them at the children’s home.

Here’s one of the babies sleeping soundly ( I make a good pillow apparently)

Three babies falling asleep on me in the car on the way to the hospital.


*’Tita’ mean’s Aunt or Big sister and is said to females older than you out of respect.



3 thoughts on “It’s all about the little moments…

  1. As the- hymn says count your blessings name them one by one. Great to see how you are loving serving right where the Lord has placed you. Blessings Love from Jan & Alec.

    Liked by 1 person

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