Please pray for my Visa

Hello all,

So I haven’t done too many prayer points since I’ve been away, because I would rather people pray for what they feel God puts on their heart after reading my blog posts. However on this occasion I would really value prayer to cover my Indian Visa application.

After an online application failing to be processed before Christmas, we are now 3 weeks away from me leaving and I am headed to the Indian Embassy this coming Wednesday to reapply in person. Due to certain complications it may be slightly trickier to get my Visa, and it turns out that it is also going to cost a much larger amount of money than I previously expected. So if everyone could please pray for a smooth process, for the paperwork to be accepted straight away, for God’s continued provision, for there to be no issues at all and for God to really go before me and set everything up to go through without any hassle, that would be wonderful. Please pray that there will be no other extra costs involved that I was not previously aware of, and that the people dealing with my application will be considerate and efficient.

There have been more hurdles with travelling to India than any of my other destinations, for example the Visa application. The trip is going to be the most gruelling, with a 15 hour overnight layover in New Delhi airport, and me having to catch 3 different planes to get from Manila to my final destination. There are lots of questions I have about the trip including whether to stay in a hotel overnight, and if so where. All of these questions and hurdles lead me to believe that God really has something special awaiting me in India, or someone he really wants me to meet, and this is all just from the other side to try and discourage me and prevent that from happening. So I would also ask you to please pray for God to continue to give me strength and encouragement, to reassure me and to provide circumstances to just reaffirm that he has it all under control.

I thank you all for your amazing support, and for all the continuous messages I receive, they are more encouraging than I could ever explain to you.

IMG_1541Blessing and love,

Naomi xx



3 thoughts on “Please pray for my Visa

  1. Hi Naomi

    Many thanks for your recent email, very well put together and caused a smile or two. As regards your earlier email requesting prayer for the urgent issue of your visa application to India please be assured that we will certainly be praying for your situation daily trusting that God will answer ours and the many other prayers that will be made by the fellowship on your behalf hoping that you will hear some positive news very soon. May God richly bless you and continue to guide and strengthen you and in the meantime give you His peace and patience.

    With our love

    David & Jasmine x

    Sent from my iPad



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