Safe Arrival

How wonderful to be safe and sound, sitting writing this is my new bedroom, in my own flat (shared with two wonderful American ladies similar ages to me), and getting ready to start the last part of this particular adventure. I’ve been in India now for 6 days and what a roller coaster of emotions it has been already.

My journey was fairly eventful, and the 15 hour layover in New Delhi was full of surprises and called for a lot of faith and trust. The full story is fairly long but thankfully I arrived with all my luggage, and only mildly sleep deprived, at my final destination, and was picked up straight away by the people I was meeting there.


The weather is much colder here, and a lot closer to England temperatures, which has taken some getting used to as my body had acclimatised to much warmer weather over the past 5 months. We are blessed by truly beautiful scenery, mountains both snowy and green surround the area and a river runs alongside our village and another nearby one. The beautiful thing about this is on the morning school run to pick up the children, you can see all the workers climbing into the canoe like boats and pushing long sticks deep into the mud to release the boat onto the river. With a hazy, deep orange sky, the dark green of the river, the dusty roads, and wooden houses in the background you can’t help but be entranced by the view.

I got straight into helping when I arrived and have had a very full week thus far. The children are all wonderful and full of curiosity, energy, disobedience, cuddles, laughter and imagination. From age 3-5 they are all very exhausting to look after all day, but with such an excellent team all supporting each other, it’s more fun and enjoyable than anything else. School days are Mon-Sat, so weeks are full and I’m relishing evenings to myself to relax. We are so blessed to have a school holiday day coming up this Monday and so the whole team are planning a ski trip! Just to rub it in the faces of those who are avid skiers…I have never been skiing, and my first time will be in the Himalayan Mountains. Now that, I can cross off my bucket list.

As my blog is not set to a privacy setting I am not putting as many details on what I’m doing at this destination on here. However, for anyone who would like more details, would like more correspondence or anything in fact, you are more than welcome to e-mail me and I will happily write to you. Just comment and leave your email address.

Thank you again for such amazing support and continued encouragement. It is so wonderful, after all of the Visa issues and a tough journey, to finally be here and be getting into the swing of things.

Lots of love x



One thought on “Safe Arrival

  1. Well done Naomi. Trust your skiing went well, You are certainly having some experiences! Lots of Love, Nanna and Grandadxx


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