Perfect Visa timing

Hi everyone,

So an update on the Visa thankfully this time with great news. Yesterday out of the blue, around 3pm, one of the ladies who works in the office at the Centre where I’m staying, came over to where I was doing school with Rachel. She asked if I was expecting my passport and I told her that I was but not till Thursday as they took 7 working days to process Visa’s.

She then smiled (as everyone in the office by now knew of my Visa fiasco – if you want the full story email me and I can tell you, it’s long but pretty funny) and handed me a package and said “I think this one is yours”

After two trips to the embassy, 3 applications, over 8 pieces of necessary documentation, countless emails and phonecalls, a lot of money, with 5 dayss before I flew and having waited for this since before Christmas you can imagine my reaction was explosive. Amidst the concoction of flailing arms, jumping around on my feet, yelling and grabbing people I somehow tore open the package and found my passport!

There it was, taking up a whole page was my long awaited, God given Indian visa. I am so overjoyed that after all the time and effort that not only I but others too have put into getting me this visa it has finally arrived. I am so excited to be going to my third and final destination, and to be doing it without a shadow of a doubt that God wants me there.

On numerous occasions God had the opportunity to stop me from being granted a visa but instead he helped me overcome all the hurdles. It was a discoraging, frustrating, time consuming and laborious process but the fact that in the end I got it is all that matters. This has just confirmed to me that he wants me there and has new and exciting things planned for me.

I fly out around 9:30am Filipino time, so 1:30am English time, I have several flights, an airline change and a 15 hour layover in which I’m leaving the airport in New Delhi. Please please pray for safe travels, for a safe taxi trip to my hotel out of the airport in New Delhi given I am alone, my luggage to all arrive at my final destination safely and at the same time that I do.

I will write again before I leave. I cannot thank people enough for how incredible you have all been for praying for me. I have been told of so many people who have remembered me in their prayers and that makes my heart so happy. You are all amazing and God answered our prayer.

Praise him, everything is perfect in his timing.

Lots of love,

Nomad Naomi x


3 thoughts on “Perfect Visa timing

  1. Hi – Me again !

    Obviously, in my last email it should read from Manila to India, rather than ex Delhi as stated. A ‘senior moment’ but I’m sure you would have worked that out anyway. I’m leading the service on Sunday so will be mentioning this and praying again for a safe journey for you.

    God bless

    David x

    Sent from my iPad



    1. Hi David, just to check, have you received any emails from me at all whilst I’ve been away? I sent one a while back but didn’t know if it got through! Just wanted to be sure before I tried to send another one!

      All the best, Naomi x


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